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Growing Through Transcendence

Monthly (Bi-Weekly Billing)- 3 sessions per week

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Ski with rabs.jpg

Monthly (Bi-Weekly Billing)- 3 sessions per week


Who’s it for?

  • This is an all-inclusive package that is for people that want the majority of their training to be in-person.

What’s included?

  • 3 private sessions per week plus an occasional free weekend group session as a bonus ($62.50 per session).
  • Access to ProCoach nutrition coaching software.
  • Access to and trainerize training app that allows workouts to be delivered to the client if the client or trainer is required to travel so that progress won’t be stalled.
  • Flexibility to change session times if needed dependent upon availability so there’s less worry about cancellation.
  • Ongoing support and accountability that will provide the foundation for impactful change.

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