The Syndicate

Growing Through Transcendence

The Syndicate: Who We Are and What We Believe

The literal meaning of the word Syndicate is a group of individuals or organizations with a common interest.  For us, that embodies who we are.  The common interest is helping people grow into their best selves.  It is our belief that everyone has something to offer not just one another, but the world and our society as a whole.  Oftentimes people choose not to pursue something that they are passionate about because it just doesn’t seem practical or they are unable to see the path to their vision.  Sometimes the path that is required to be taken to get there is the path less traveled.  That path will most likely be filled with challenges and obstacles that will most certainly be uncomfortable and undesirable.  However, it is those challenges and obstacles that we should seek out because that discomfort that we experience can be one of the most powerful agents of self-growth out there.

Take myself as an example, I realized early on in my career that I was not in the place or on the path that I was intended to be.  Therefore I decided to seek out what that was.  After a lot of introspection I came to the realization that I was meant to help people with health, wellness and coaching.  I was three years into a business career and 25 years old.  I had the thought that I would go to school and get an advanced degree in exercise and nutrition science and that would put me right where I needed to be.  I thought I had it all figured out and that things would fall into place.  There are many times in life where we go into a situation thinking that we have it all figured out, just to get there and have it be something completely different.  As I went through graduate school I started to lose sight of my vision.  What was missing was a mentor and a leader, Someone to show me the possibilities and guide me.  Then, I met Dave Ray and he opened my eyes to what was possible, he showed me a different side of training that I hadn’t seen before.  Dave spoke about the importance of culture and growing together and showed me that a community of like minded people can have the ability to impact change on an individual.  Even with that I still had a lingering sense of insecurity in the back of my mind and doubted what I could do and what my capabilities were. 

This led me to look at more “stable” careers in health as a possibility.  I explored Physical Therapy and even medicine to the point where I left Nashville for a pre-medical program in Oakland, CA.  I still had a yearning to learn more from Dave and others like him and I knew that we would be keeping in touch.  He recommended that I check out a gym in San Francisco once I came out here that was run by a coach and mentor of his, Nate Chambers.  The moment I walked in the door I was greeted with open arms.  Something was different though.  It wasn’t just Nate that was so kind and welcoming, it was all of the members of the gym as well.  I was astonished.  Nate had built a culture of togetherness that I had never seen before.  One that was about community, about making each other better, about supporting each other until the bitter end.  I was immediately drawn to it and wanted more and more.  At the same time I was unhappy with school and just didn’t see myself becoming a doctor.  I felt that I was meant for something different and Nate and the members of Roark Gyms re-ignited my passion and my vision. 

I made the decision that I was going to pursue a health and fitness career and started to shadow Nate when I could.  I was willing to whatever it takes and wanted to surround myself with him and others like him.  I would wake up at 4:30 AM and drive from Oakland into SF to shadow him and train with his classes.  I built relationships that I never thought I would and felt more like myself than I ever had.  The leadership of Dave, Nate and others inspired me to pursue Gym Jones Certification as they did and learn and grow from others.  Through all of this I was facing challenges of how am I going to earn money in the meantime and other self thoughts of doubt and fear.  However, no matter what I faced I always knew that I had the support of others around me.  When I would be down, simply their presence would lift me up. 

Throughout this process Dave and I decided that what we have learned from friends, coaches and mentors needs to be shared with the rest of the world.  We decided to partner up with the vision of helping people find their inspiration through community and experiences, showing individuals that finding the good people in life and hanging on to them with lead to growth and opportunities that you never imagined.  For us, our realm is training and coaching.  But it doesn’t have to be limited to that.  We simply believe that training is a tool to help you learn about physical, psychological and emotional struggle and how you can use it to become better in all aspects of life.  No matter what your passion is we believe that you can find good people that will help you realize your true potential.  Everyone has that opportunity to be great and they just need to learn how to tap into that greatness.  We plan to show you some individuals that have learned how to conquer the challenges that they have faced and how they’re experiences and the risks they have taken have made them who they are.