The Syndicate

Growing Through Transcendence


We all have it.  We don’t want to talk about it but it’s there.  Sometimes it comes from outside sources and other times it’s brought upon by our own mind.  The question becomes how much power or control does it have over you.  Do you let it get to you and lead your life, determine your decisions, and interfere with your happiness?  I think we have all been there at some point and if anyone says that they haven’t then they’re lying.  As we confront it more and more we grow in our ability to conquer and master it, yet it’s always there.  It is the genesis of fear, low self worth and many other negative emotions.  It can impact many aspects of our lives and lead to a perpetual cycle of itself.  The key is to learn how to use it.  Use it to fuel the fire that burns inside you.  Use it to drive you to succeed.  Use it to inspire you to pursue and grow in your passion.  This thing that I’m referring to, is doubt.

In The moment, don't let doubt rule your mind.  Focus on what you need to do to succeed and you will come out of the situation stronger.

In The moment, don't let doubt rule your mind.  Focus on what you need to do to succeed and you will come out of the situation stronger.

For a long time I let doubt rule my life.  It played a part in every decision that I made whether it be personal or professional.  I had doubts that I could achieve success in a professional career.  I had doubts that I could have the confidence to find a girlfriend.  I had doubts that I could perform better in the gym.  These doubts consumed me so much that I turned some of them into facts in my own mind.  I started to tell myself things like, I will never get married, or I’m going to end up failing at my professional pursuits and I just can’t get stronger cause that’s just the way I am.  These doubts were determining how I lived my life.  I was more hesitant about trying to date.  I found a safe job that I knew I wasn’t meant for, but it was “safe”, and I lost motivation to work out or I worked out too much without proper nutrition or recovery.  After some time I started to learn that doubt itself is just a thought and it creates a perception of what we think is true.  In actuality, none of it is true and what’s more important is what you believe or believe to be true.  The negativity of doubt can lead us to have an almost continuous loop of negative thoughts running through our mind.  At some point the chain must be broken and you are the only one that can break it.

There’s also the other aspect of doubt where it doesn’t come from within but it comes from external sources.  These sources can be friends, colleagues and even family.  Sometimes they advise you with all good intentions but the doubts that they have in their mind about you and what you are trying to accomplish become apparent in their attempt at advice.  It can come off as questions with an uncertain tone.  This is where the syndicate believes that surrounding yourself with all the right people can make such a large impact in your life.  These are people that have fought and won the battle with doubt.  They are the type of people that even if you tried to bring a negative thought into their mind it’s deflected as if their positivity is impenetrable.  Just as importantly they tend to be the type of people that want to help you achieve what you want.  These are the good people in life and they can be hard to come by.  I have met more people like this in recent years and they are truly the reason that I am where I am and I am pursuing my dreams.  It’s almost a snowball effect.  You find one person like this, and they know more people like that and so on.  Before you know it, you have a network of people that not only have your back but are positivity masters.

As you struggle with doubt you learn.  You learn that you can let it rule you.  You learn that if you let it rule you the outcome is typically undesirable.  You also learn that you can use it.  I have learned to use doubt.  I hear and see the doubt in peoples eyes at times, yet it no longer influences the thoughts I have of myself.  In fact, I almost look at it as motivation to succeed.  I look at is another challenge that I refuse to lose.  With each win over doubt I become stronger.  I encourage people to seek out those that believe.  You will find that these people are typically willing to help you without asking for anything in return.  What this then creates is the desire for you to pay it forward in return.  This cycle is what the world needs now more than ever, not the cycle that doubt can create.  With less doubt, we would have more people pursuing what they love and what they are truly meant to do.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I would really love to do (fill in the blank), but…” The reason that people are hesitant is because they doubt what’s possible and only see what would happen if they fail.  Sure, they will come up with all sorts of excuses but at the end of the day the only thing stopping them is themselves.

You encounter doubt in your training as well.  It could be a hard workout or a certain exercise that typically makes you uncomfortable.  The beauty is that those situations are what you should seek out, because you can and you will conquer them.  I have learned to embrace situations and workouts that would in the past have created major doubt in my mind.  Now, I approach them with confidence because I’ve faced so many situations like them before.  Do I still have doubts at times, of course I do, but I know that they are not truth.  Use your training to not only improve your physical self, but also to overcome things like doubt.  One thing is certain, you will face situations in life that will bring rise to doubt, the uncertainty lies in what you choose to do when the time comes.  The power to choose your response is in your hands, always.