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There’s a cost for everything

In today’s world many of us want things without having to pay for them.  The idea of a free offer will often get people excited and eager to take advantage of it.  This idea applies to many areas of life whether it be health, retail or some other facet of life.  The truth is that everything has a cost whether it be direct or indirect.  The cost could come in many forms such as time, money, relationships or health to name a few.  Ultimately we need to be more selective about what we choose to focus our time on and make those things that we choose a priority in our lives.  Most of the time if it’s worth having, the cost will be greater and it will be harder to obtain.  At the end of the day, the only thing stopping you from what you want is yourself.  Understand that there is a cost is a crucial step in being able to choose what matters most.

            Almost everyday I am faced with a decision that forces me to think about the cost of that decision.  I can reflect back on periods of my life and at certain times it is more black and white than other times.  When I was in college I had a tendency to make decisions that came with a high cost.  I like to spend a lot of my time drinking and attending parties as most college students have a tendency to do.  At that time I didn’t think much about the cost of my actions, I was more concerned with things like fitting in and didn’t have the foresight to help me understand what those actions might cost me.  Little did I know it was catching up to me in many ways that I was blind to.  First of all I was unhealthy, not just physically but also mentally.  I hadn’t developed into a strong minded individual and I was filled with insecurity.  I was gaining weight from lack of motivation, poor eating habits and drinking alcohol multiple nights a week.  I reached an all time high weight of over 250 lbs and it wasn’t good weight.  More importantly I was growing apart from family and friends who’s relationships were important to me but I didn’t realize it.

            There’s one clear instance that truly shows how the consequences of my actions lead to a high cost.  I ran into some trouble at school that caused me to miss a visit to my grandmother.  At that young age I didn’t fully understand how precious time with people like her was.  I was a young 19 year old that put hardly any thought into the future and didn’t have any respect for the delicacy that is life.  Because I wasn’t able to go see my grandma, my mom made me write a letter explaining to my grandmother why I wasn’t able to be there.  Out of everything that resulted from my misbehavior that was the hardest to deal with.  As I’ve grown that has become even more apparent.  My Grandmother now has dementia.  Any time I visit her it’s more and more difficult to see what she is struggling with.  She’s not the person that she once was and she hardly remembers me.  That time that I missed because of my actions can never be given back to me.  I made a choice that cost me more time with someone that I adore.  I wish I could go back in time and change the decisions that I made but life doesn’t work like that.

            Although my past decisions that I’ve made have cost me to miss experiences like that I previously mentioned, it has also changed the way that I view the choices I make and life in General.  I continue to face choices like this every single day and will continue to in the future.  An example of this is a recent job that I held.  It was a terrible job and a bad environment for me to be in.  Everyday that I would go in there it felt as if a piece of me was being taken away.  It didn’t pay well and my bosses lied to me about opportunities that were supposed to happen but never did.  I had been there about a month and I really started to question, of what value is this job to me.  Yes I was getting a paycheck but was it worth what it was taking away.  It was causing me to be a bad husband at home because I would get home and be miserable, It was taking time away from me pursuing my dreams of starting a training business where I could inspire and motivate people and was making me more pessimistic about the future.  So, without having any other job secured I chose to step away.  From the moment I left, my level of happiness and overall appreciation of life started to increase.  I was a more compassionate husband, I was more driven to succeed and I felt like myself again.  Stepping out on my own certainly has it’s own daily challenges but I am happier now than I ever have been and to me that’s worth the cost of leaving that position behind. 

In training it's simple.  You don't apply yourself and pour all your effort into what you're doing and improvement stalls.

In training it's simple.  You don't apply yourself and pour all your effort into what you're doing and improvement stalls.

            This is what I love about training and fitness.  It shows me everyday that there is a cost associated with your choices and actions.  These lessons in the gym are in my opinion directly applicable to the choices and challenges you face in everyday life.  You want to eat a bunch of terrible food for the instant gratification of it, there’s a cost associated with that.  You want to be lazy and sit on the couch all day, there’s a cost associated with that.  You want to spend excessive amounts of time mindlessly watching TV, scrolling through social media or doing other mindless activities, there’s a cost for that.  Now, I’m not saying that those things should never be done and I am just as guilty as the next person for getting wrapped up in those things.  There are times where it is nice to take your mind of the stresses of daily life.  It’s just important to understand that your time is finite and if you are spending time on one thing then you are missing time from some other area of your life whether it be training, family or something else of value to you.

            I encourage everyone that I encounter to really start looking at choices in life from a value standpoint.  At the end of the day the only person that knows what’s important to you is you.  Understand that you never have to be a victim and that you can make choices that will either bring you closer to what you want or further away from what you want, there is no in between.  Living like this will also make you appreciate the things that you choose even more as the more you make choices that you value, the more you value those choices.  You learn to put a premium on things like family, faith and health.  In the scheme of things we are all here for a short period of time so make the most of it.  Next time you think about a decision, especially a big one, I encourage you to ask yourself, what is the cost?